All you need to know about The Masked Ball

Free treats.

We all love monkeys and doves and some people also like  free shit so check this ya’ll….

First off we have some free music and its legal…as far as we know….“The Wave consists of hand-picked gems that inspire us, tickling and tempting our creative juices. Some are old, some are new, but it is what we are listening to now. They are groovy, flowing, and sun-kissed just like that perfect wave. They are uplifting and guaranteed to put a smile on your face. They sound the best with a babe in one hand, a cold brewski in the other, and the sand beneath your feet. Stay Dreamy.”

click here follow the links and download some ear snacks.

Secondly the marvelous gentlemen behind Boogtique are running a competition.  design them a fancy new Halloween logo and win a ticket to Halloween Masked Ball…can’t say fairer than that.  And whilst your there have a look at the store,  got plently of treats and a few tricks too.

Boogtique Halloween Masked Ball Competition just scroll down til you see the post.

So there you have it…free music and if your good and worthy a free ticket to the Ball.  I know we are ruddy lovely….buy us a pint at the Ball.  That is all.



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