All you need to know about The Masked Ball

Halloween Masked Ball

Pull your eyes out for the best Halloween event to ever happen in Cornwall. On Saturday 30th October THE MASKED BALL will take the Sandsifter back to it’s glory days and beyond with an all night marquee event and an exciting collaboration with MY HEROES KILLED COWBOYS.

It’s just like the summer Masked Ball but scary and you can wear heels, no grassy knolls to slip down but a bloody good night hosted in three areas with incredible decor and a pumping atmosphere.

The tent will be heated, there will be films and interactive props, drinks and ghosts, music and pumpkins, a Cornish werewolf in Vienna and tricks and treats as we take the regions biggest one off event to a new location. A frighteningly good lineup that will bring Nosferatu to his knees includes MONARCHY, PUNKS JUMP UP, GHOSTS OF VENICE, SCREENDEATH, TIMBO, LOUIS V, SIR VINYL, RESIDENTIAL DANCE HOME / GET WAXY and HONG KONG PING PONG

If this is’nt enough, there’s also apple bobbing and bat the rat.

Tickets for the summer Masked Ball sold out in 2 weeks, so don’t expect these treats to hang around long.

Tickets are £20

For information get your bloodshot eyes here. 

Tickets available from.

Corner Deli – Porthleven // Level – Falmouth // Grip – Helston // Clowning Around – Truro // Boardwalk – Newquay // South Shore – Penzance // Down The Line – Hayle // Sandsifter – Hayle // Academy – St Ives  // MAGICSEAWEED


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