All you need to know about The Masked Ball

Oh You want More!?

This weekend, saturday July 10th sees the insanely good TY return to Cornwall.  Our friends Sir vinyl are putting on this superb event, and here is what they have to say on the matter.  see you there. xx

When we started putting on nights in the 1990’s, we were both into a lot of different things musically speaking. The general rule was – it had to be funky. There was a lot of Hip Hop, Funk and Soul around that was really doing it for us – we were going out dancing every weekend, times were good. Dante, Scott, Pigsy and the crew were throwing down regularly at Groove Juice. Mart, Richie and Ben were always rocking with All Rockers Crew. Ry and Dion were setting things alight at their nights and there was a healthy scene. Like most good nights in Cornwall, we started by putting on dances at The Bosuns and The Venue – sweaty, funky, memorable nights. After a few years we realised that it wasn’t too hard to get the artists who were making our favourite records to come down to Cornwall and perform. One of the first artists we brought down was an MC called TY. Joe and Andy Macnamara had seen TY support RJD2 in London and were totally blown away – we rang him up and asked him to make the journey down for a gig in the summer and it went off! – The Bosuns was crowded and sweaty and TY had to keep his hand on the ceiling all night because the floor was shaking so much!

Two years later when we started the Sandbar as Music Evolution with Dion, we got TY down again – same result. Even though the Sandbar is built on more solid ground – the whole building was shaking. It seemed that people remembered the TY gig from before and that was confirmed when he came down again the following year – even more people – even more vibes!

Two years after that, the Sandbar gigs were on hold and TY came down again to Club 2K, this time with his live band, VULA from BASEMENT JAXX was on vocals and AGAIN – it was craziness.

It might seem boring and predictable to do gigs with the same artist year on year – but as our musical tastes have evolved, TY has always been evolving ahead of us, and always making tunes that hit that spot – time after time. He’s just released his 4th album A SPECIAL KIND OF FOOL. It’s a unique record. It blends Modern Soul with Hip Hop, it’s got a modern Funk twist to it and we love it. It would be a shame not to share this special experience, so we’re doing it again. Those of you who were at previous shows – KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT.

A new firm favourite artist of ours goes by the name FLAKO, who came down last year and rocked a night with SIR VINYL OF THE FATTEST with his seriously energetic show, is also doing a LIVE SET after TY & BIG TED.

On the night WE’LL be joining the dots between the artists, we’re extremely excited to be holding this down once again, but in the end, it’s always the people on the dancefloor who make it what it is and that’s YOU …come on down – We’d love to see you! and we’re sure this is going to be full of vibes and a night to remember.



There will be limited free parking for this event only, directly in front of the venue, which will be sign-posted, & of course the usual few spaces that surround The Sandbar


THE SANDBAR – 01736 763516
SOUTH SHORE – 01736 365757


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