All you need to know about The Masked Ball

WOW…what a party.

The Masked Ball 2010 was undoubtedly THE best Masked Ball yet.  The Main tent was rocking to the incredible sounds of Japayork, and Ou est le Swimming Pool live aswell as top DJ sets from Hongkong pingpong, Luke Gledhill, Kid Cola, Jac The Disco and Louis Vanhinsberg.
The Masked Ball Inn went down a storm and we literally had to peel away some people from the Sega Megadrive and sonic at 6am, Sir Vinyl of the Fattest and Robin Parris had the place jumping from sunset to sunrise and the 3Cs bboys turned up to throw some shapes.

The courtyard at beaconham palace housed a giant turntable dance podium, whilst inside the castle walls the throne was rocked by residential dance home and friends.   Even the occasional short shower didn’t dampen the spirit, and some lucky party goers found solace in the secret spaceship shot bar located through the dragons mouth, created by the wonderkids from barnfest.

A massive thank you to all those of you who contributed to make this event so special and successful.  We shall return for a new Masked Ball 2011.

photos thanks to monsiuer Jacob Cockle

Masked Ball 2010 from The dust settles on these things on Vimeo.

video thanks to allen wilson x


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